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Chef Chris Cheung appears on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

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Award Recipient, Chef Chris Cheung with Henry Hwang at M88 Awards

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The Martha Stewart Show: Asian noodle show featuring Chef Chris Cheung

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Making lollipops with the children at A Place For Kids in Chinatown

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Winter clay pot, bone marrow rice, veal cheeks & sunny side farmer egg

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Root vegetables in lotus leaf & crispy smoked maitakes

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Lobster Roll

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East Coast oysters with Bloody Mary relish

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Black cod with cherry tomato stew

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Cooking in Shenjiamen, China

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Cooking traditional rustic Shanghai banquets

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Roasted short rib fried rice

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Foie gras bao buns

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Coral shrimp, rice noodles, roasted peanuts

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Wagyu ribeye, heirloom tomatoes, caviar

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Chef Cheung and the"Iron Chef" Morimoto

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3 Combination Rice Dish

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Soup Dumplings

Changing the Perception of Chinese Food

A few years ago, I was talking to someone at my son's school who heard I was a chef. She was very interested in what I did, and after many questions, she asked what kind of food I cooked. I replied, "Chinese food", and she responded with a dejected, "ohhh?!"

She had this mental image of a greasy cook flipping a wok behind bullet-proof glass. I knew I had to change the perception of Chinese food. Around the world, it is revered as one of the finest cuisines, but here in New York's cheap takeout.

I take the best ingredients I can source, combine modern cooking styles with traditional Chinese techniques to update classic Chinese recipes. It all comes together in really delicious food, everything artisanal and made from scratch every day.